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What is Dramatherapy?

Dramatherapy is what it suggests: a combination of theatre techniques and therapy.

If theatre is working well it can allow you to see yourself at a distance. Therapy is working well if there is a process of change in how you feel - and how you feel about yourself.

My job as a Dramatherapist is to help you express what you see in yourself more clearly and what you may want to change.

In Dramatherapy you are not expected to be an actor.

I do favour working and playing creatively with drama, movement, art, music and voice. This use of action methods can draw out your creativity, imagination, learning and growth.

The best way is to try it and see.

Jonathan Hirst Dip.Dth. R.M.N.

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I can help with:

» confidence
» self-esteem
» personal change
» motivation
» emotional blockages
» stress and anxiety
» substance problems
» self-expression

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